Identify Your Values and Land Meaningful Work as a Teen

Uncover Your Values

Dig into the core of who you are by uncovering your values.

Unpack what truly matters to you, how much value you place on your own talents, and the passions that drive your ambition.

Understanding these will help align your unique abilities with marketable skills perfectly tailored for success in any career path.

Understanding What Matters

Defining your core values can play a vital role in carving out a career path that brings you satisfaction.

Start by identifying what means the most to you at this stage of life, and then look for ways these elements might influence your future decisions and goals.

You may find that empathy, creativity or determination matter greatly to you.

This could guide an aspiring teacher, artist or entrepreneur respectively towards careers where these traits are invaluable marketable skills.

Moreover, understanding what matters encourages personal growth and self-awareness – crucial abilities often sought after in many job markets.

Appreciating Your Talents

Learning to appreciate your innate talents is a significant step in your journey towards skill identification.

Embrace the realization that you possess unique abilities and characteristics; these are key attributes that set you apart from others.

You might excel in arts, sports, social interactions, academics or even excelling at being a quick learner – each of these traits is incredibly valuable.

You find value when you understand how to leverage those assets for success in school and future career paths.

Employable skills like communication, teamwork, leadership are enhanced by personal talents.

For instance, your knack for convincing people could be developed into strong selling skills or if your creative ideas often win admiration they can form the basis of innovation-oriented careers such as advertising.

Always bear in mind: Your natural talents form an integral part of who you are and acknowledging them allows you to unlock potent marketable skills.

Discovering Your Passions

Uncovering your passions is a journey that can start in high school. You may find hidden interests among the subjects you enjoy or even those unexpected moments during extracurricular activities.

Thrive on this opportunity; it provides exposure to an array of fields and experiences that aids in uncovering what truly motivates you.

This process resonates strongly with identifiable marketable skills for students.

Don’t disregard your dreams as mere hobbies. Shaping them into practical, real-world applications turns passions into top marketable skills, adding colossal value to your personal growth and future career paths.

For instance, loving art might translate into graphic design skills—an increasingly in-demand job skill—or having a fascination for debates could morph you into an eloquent public speaker, delving right into communication’s heart—a widely respected and sought-after leadership skill.

Assessing Your Passion

Dive deep into your interests and what truly sparks joy within you. Listen to your emotions as they often lead towards passions undiscovered.

Foster and nurture these strengths, acknowledging that passion is a strong foundation for skills development.

Take Stock of Your Interests

Taking stock of your interests is a pivotal step in unearthing your potential marketable skills.


  1. Ponder about hobbies you love and activities that excite you.
  2. Reflect over subjects and topics that ignite passionate discussions at home or school.
  3. Use the CareerOneStop tool to match your interests to possible career paths.
  4. Look into skill – based activities for students that align with your preferences.
  5. Consider the elements of employability skills related to your favorite pastimes, like leadership in team sports, or communication skills from debate club.
  6. Pay attention to any feedback from peers and adults regarding natural abilities they’ve noticed in you linked to these areas.
  7. Try different types of tasks – variety could reveal an aptitude you were not aware of before!

Trust Your Emotions

Feeling uncertain or frustrated about your future is completely normal, especially during high school years.

Your emotions can indeed play a significant role in identifying your passions and the skills you want to develop further.

Emotions aren’t just fleeting feelings – they can signal what truly matters to you, providing clues to understanding yourself better.

For instance, curiosity may indicate areas of interest that could be turned into a career path down the line.

Joy experienced from accomplishing something challenging might reveal hidden capabilities lying dormant within you.

On the other hand, repetitive tasks that bore or stress you out could signify an area not suitable for your personality type or long-term commitment.

In essence, let your emotions guide you when pondering over potential marketable skills and career choices.

Foster Your Strengths

Unlocking your potential means maximizing your strengths. In this pursuit, take these steps:

  1. Use the CareerOneStop tool to identify your strongest skills from a comprehensive list of 40.
  2. Put more focus on activities that utilize these strengths.
  3. Join co – curricular activities or clubs that cater to your areas of strength.
  4. Pursue projects at school or within the community that allow you to practice and highlight these strengths.
  5. Make use of online resources to improve on the skills you are already good at.
  6. Take constructive feedback from teachers, peers, and mentors on how you can further develop your skills for better marketability.
  7. Learn about successful people who possess similar strengths and understand how they leveraged them in their careers.

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